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Questions & Answers
  Answered questions:
1.   What topics should I teach in a middle school biotechnology course?
2.   Why would a person who is majoring in Biotechnology study the genome of Drosophila?
3.   How much does it cost to establish a biotechnology company in California?
4.   Whats a rewarding career for a biotechnology graduate with no experience?
5.   What are the reasons that ethics has become a big issue in the area of biotechnology?
6.   What are the biotechnology mandatory courses?
7.   What is the difference between genteic engineering and biotechnology?
8.   If I were to work in a biotechnology company what will I be doing if i were to major in?
9.   What exactly do jobs in biotechnology include?
10.   How does a person with a programming background break into the genomics or biotechnology field?
11.   What are some good topics for a biotechnology/bioethics debate?
12.   What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Biotechnology?
13.   What kind of careers can one persue with a degree in biotechnology?
14.   What is the difference between biotechnology and biomedical engineering ?
15.   How does the use of biotechnology by androids in science fiction sound?
16.   What is the difference in respiratory therapist technician and Biotechnology engineer?
17.   What is a good question that is against biotechnology? Anything to do with biotechnology is ok.?
18.   BIOtechnology?

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