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Pharmaceutical products

Scientists find new pharmaceutical products by trial and error way with biotechnological methods. Basically, they try out different things that treat certain symptoms or diseases. One type of pharmaceutical products are biopharmaceuticals that are actually large biological molecules or in other words proteins. There proteins attack the pathway of the health problem. One special case is insulin that is used for type 1 diabetes, which does not attack the pathways, but just works on the symptoms of the disease. These pharmaceutical products are used in cases where the targets cannot be accessed by traditional medicine methods.

Modern biotechnology has led us to time when insulin and antibiotics can be produced from E. coli or yeast. Even Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) can be used to produce some pharmaceutical products. A new way where this biotechnology is aiming is the development of plant- made pharmaceutical.

The pharmaceutical products developed through biotechnology are the basis for the new breakthroughs in medicine that are enabling to treat hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cancers, arthritis, bone fractures, multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular disorders. Biotechnology has also helped to develop molecular diagnostic devices that are used to find out the target patient population for certain biopharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical products used nowadays are also produced much faster and cheaply thanks to biotechnology. The most common examples of that are human growth hormone, fertility drugs, erythropoietin, clotting factors for hemophiliacs and many more. The genomic knowledge that scientist now have and will gain more in the future is believed to ensure the discovery of thousands of new molecular targets to which new drugs can then be developed.

User Comments:

Comment by: CHIMA NNEKA
2009-10-05 15:01
These are interesting bits of research and I would like to be kept abreast with the updates of the pharmaceutical products of biotechnology.
Thank you.

Comment by: jude ekene
2010-08-08 15:01
its really interesting.please keep me updated about biotechnology

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