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Agricultural biotechnology

Biotechnology brings a lot of benefits to the field of agriculture as it has been used for hundreds of years to develop the plants, nevertheless the scientist stil have many goals to reach. The main ones are to improve the amount of crop gained from the same amount of seeds as beforehand. Furthermore, also to decrease how much the environment affects the crops to make it more durable to the harmful factors. In addition, this field of biotechnology also aims to increase the nutritious qualities of the crops and also improve the texture and appearance of the food crops.

A very important aspect for the farmers is that the biotechnology decreases the need for fertilizers and pesticides that in some cases can remain in the crops. At the moment farmers are very dependant on agrochemicals, which not only increases their costs, but also affects the crops they gather. Therefore, it is essential for them to decrease this dependency to improve the quality of their agricultural producs.

Agricultural biotechnology also helps to develop ways how to use agricultural crops in other ways besides just for food. For example, usual plants like tomatoes, rice and lettuce have even been genetically engineered in a way that it is possible to produce insulin and some vaccines from them.

User Comments:

Comment by: amit prakash gangreddiwar
2008-11-05 09:19
what are the new trends in agriculture biotechnology?

Comment by: Akila
2010-12-15 12:13
can u list some colleges having agriculturalbiotechnology in tamilnadu.....can i do my in medicinal biotechnology

2010-12-29 11:27
list of universities offering and can i do my inn medicinal biotechnology after studying agricultural biotechnology

Comment by: vaibhav arora
2011-05-24 09:54
hi this is vaibhav arora, im pursuing mba in biotechnology... can u give me a favour plz.
just tell me the projects name is given by the last semester.....
and also tell the reference plzzzzz...
plz help me out..
reply plzzz... waiting for ur reply.......!!!

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