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Genetic testing

The aim of genetic testing is to examine the DNA molecules themselves. The scientists try to find modified and mutated sequences in the DNA for explanation of different diseases and conditions. Genetic testing has number of purposes, starting from newborn screening and determining sex before birth that is more accurate then only trusting ultrasound, in addition prenatal screening can find out incurable genetic and other diseases in which cases it is advisable for the mother to go through an abortion instead of giving birth to a child with a severe disease of which he or she will never be cured.

Genetic testing also helps to identify the carriers of a one copy if a gene that does not infect the individual as it needs two copies of the same gene for the disease to develop. This helps to determine the preconditions that are necessary for the disease to develop and how to avoid it. In cases when a disease has been found in an individual genetic testing is used to confirm the diagnosis of the patient and also helps to develop the most suitable treatment.

Outside the disease diagnostics, genetic testing helps to identify individuals in cases of crimes and so it is often used for forensic evidence. Most often it is used for sexual crimes when the criminal is identified by his semen or in other cases the DNA can be used when a hair or piece of skin is found from the crime scene, in these suspects DNA that is taken from their saliva is used for comparison.

User Comments:

Comment by: Vikash kumar
2010-05-20 18:44
I am student of bio. I want to know about branchs bio tech and their packages and carrie will secure.

Comment by: niharika
2011-03-23 14:44
pls guide me abt d courses of biotech n its scope

Comment by: ruby
2011-06-13 03:44
after doing bsc in agriculture biotechnology can i opt msc in medical biotechnology

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