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Biological engineering

Biological engineering is a term used for a branch of engineering that has the aim to work with biotechnologies and biological science or in other words another branch of biotechnology. Biological engineering is actually used to talk about various disciplines, like for example biomedical engineering, bio- process engineering, biochemical engineering, biosystem engineering and many others. This field of biotechnology is a rather new one which is the reason by bioengineering still does not have one clear- cut definition. Usually it is referred to as the integration of fundamentals of biological science and traditional engineering.

Biological engineering helps to start using the processes found useful by biotechnology in manufacturing to bring even larger benefits. The largest problem is still the legal issues, like it is also in other spheres of biotechnology, as the laws and regulations determining the patents and the ways to obtain them are still not clearly worked out due to the novelty of the field.

Biological engineering has become more and more popular as the benefits have started to unveil gradually, therefore now you can also study bioengineering in a number of universities as special majors. As the field is new and still developing there is no end in sight of what bioengineering can achieve and nobody can see the point when bioengineers are no longer needed.

User Comments:

Comment by: Arifah
2010-10-14 07:41
How about Biotechnology Engineering? What are difference between biotechnology with biotechnology engineering? What are difference between both in term of the scope job ? I think biotechnology engineering can go to nanotechnology field.

Comment by: Raaz monty
2011-11-20 19:09
I need some more latest information of biotechnology

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