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Biotechnological discoveries

Nowadays biotechnology is not an unknown term, but still a lot of people are a bit confused about the benefits it has and what the main purposes of it are. Therefore, a shot explanation is in order. Actually biotechnology is quite often used just to describe genetic engineering, the technology that has been used mainly in the 21st century, but that term has a wider meaning and also includes numerous modifications of biological organism that have been used in history. Also the original modifications of plants to improve the quality of crops are actually a part of biotechnology. Like all other technologies biotechnology has developed more than anybody could have ever imagined.

A lot of diseases have already find and probably also will find a cure thanks to biotechnological discoveries in the field of genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry. In addition, biotechnology has also affected agriculture beyond only increasing the crop where it started from, now biotechnology has developed new plants that can survive in certain environmental conditions and at the moment are working on decreasing the demand for external pesticides.

To conclude, biotechnology is still taking only little baby steps and nobody can predict where it can end up and what it can achieve. The possibilities are endless and the scientists are working hard for new findings.

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