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Pharmacogenomics is a part of biotechnology that is concerned with how the genetic inheritance affects how an individual’s body reacts to certain drugs. As the term pharmacogenomics is made out of two words “pharmacology” and “genomics”, one can simply say that the field studies the connection and relationship between pharmaceuticals and genetics. The main goal is to be able to develop drugs that are adaptable to everybody’s personal genetic differences.

Pharmacogenomics brings a lot of benefits; here we have listed only a few of them. First of all, the development of tailor- made medicines which mean that the pharmaceutical companies are able to create drugs that are suitable for certain genes and diseases. The main benefit from that kind of drugs is that it decreases the harm that are caused by drugs to the healthy cells that are close to the cells infected by the disease.

Secondly, this biotechnological field helps to determine the most suitable drug dosages as the genetics of a patient help the doctors to understand how his/her body can cope and work with the medicines. This will help to decrease the possibility of an overdose.

Thirdly, pharmacogenomics improves the way how drugs are discovered as the process is easier thanks to using genome targets and shortens the long drug approval process.

And lastly, biotechnology can improve the vaccines that are used to fight diseases. These vaccines cost less, are more stable and easier and longer to store which is very important.

User Comments:

Comment by: susan oellrich
2009-06-25 22:53
i was reading an article through bing and saw that you have something for kidney stones that are of oxylate nature am i correct and if so can you send me som info thanx susan

Comment by: Mukul Rawat
2011-08-24 21:21
i am a btech in boitechnology final year student and i want to pursue my career in pharmacogenomics. i want to know what all i need to study for preparing my self to enter into pharmacogenomics research i also want to know all those universities which give ph.d in pharmacogenomics.

Comment by: Zena
2011-09-19 19:23
Where can some one study pharmacogenomics?

Comment by: uche
2011-10-24 20:21
which university in india can one study pharmacogenomics and what is it all about pls reply through my email thanks

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