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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Biotechnology?

Please discuss how it affects Medicine, Farming techniques, Agriculture in the US, Canada, and Third World Countries, and Health Safety Issues.

Medicine, it can help us overcome diseases, and cure the uncurable. However, it can also be used to create super-viruses with the potential to wipe out the entire world population. It can be considered good, in the right hands (which in our days, there isn't any)
Agriculture, it's more commonly known as Genetically Engineering. Yes, it may help us produce more food to feed the world, since we can now modify the seeds to be 'disease-free' but again in doing so it could actually create a super-virus which could have the oppisite effects and wipe out our food population. Also though the effects of eating genetically modified food over a long period of time is still unknown.
As for farming, it just creates a lot of controversary, whether or not GM crops are good or bad. And whether or not the public is willing to accept that the food they're eating has been tampered with by a guy in a white-coat.
In truth Bioltechnology is too big a subject to discuss on such small turns.
For me though it can be good and can be bad, it depends how they use or abuse it


Other answers:

From: LZT
biotechnology is very wide use in human life, but it should be closely monitoring form deviation.
From: lololool
insufficient answer to the question
From: mga tanga
dapat complete answer, at hindi kmi sumasagot
From: chandani Patel
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From: mharie
d ko pa alam ihh ..pls help me ..
From: shitstick
biotech is just another means for the world superpowers to subjugate ignorant masses while progressing their evil agenda. heheheee
From: katsii
biotechnology is useful in our daily lives it adds beauty in our world but not all biotechnology has its good characteristic some of them has bad reaction to our nature
From: abby

From: bobbie
whts is the advantage and disadvantage
biotechnology is the use of micro organisms.
From: hello there
i can say na biotechnology is a technology based on biology .................. hehe getz????
From: pinki
biotechnology has no less advantages n disadvantages to be discussed in very little time
From: sara
it depend on on the use
From: Uzumaki Naruto
biotechnology is so fabuluz
From: lester
how far has biotechnology improved the life of people?
From: Bais
biotechnology is an intriguining nascent field that is poised to save human beign from hunger, health and environmental-implicated problems. let us watch out 4 its success in future.
From: Oluwanisola Vivian oguntuase
biotechnology is useful to nature but it disadvantage might be total eradication of the natural ecosystem in agriculture. this cloning of a thing should not be allowed because its adverse effect are unforseen now.
From: san BA dyan
san ba dyan ang disadvantages & advantages???
From: A_person
biotechnology is good for the rich people while bad for the poor people....tama?
From: sunako
we can value all living things

From: adam
advantage : it helps human life to be easier and comportable to live......

disadvatage: pls help me in my ass. xensya n p wlang sagot
From: Rea
hmmm....for me, biotechnology is very helpful to us.......there's alot of things it can do to make our life more easier, enjoyable, and what others say, it has disadvantages also...but it just depends on how we gonna use it....:dd
From: Musafir
only d advantages f biotechnology

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